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desktop icons? Answered

How do I create website icons to my desktop?


You can change icons by right clicking on the item then click propertys and click change icon and then you can browse for an icon of your choice by clicking browse "for icons" and that is how you change and create your own icon.

whenever you want any one to the desktop then you right click on that item and go to the send to option and then click on the show on the desktop . So it will come to the desktop i think it will clear to your doubt.

Well for XP left click on the web page in a blank spot and then click on create shortcut

Up in the address bar, to the left of the URL, there should be a little icon. Drag this icon to your desktop. This produces a shortcut to the specific page on your desktop.

I would suggest only making a single one on your desktop for Delicious and then put all your bookmarks in your account on there.