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detergent feed for electric pressure washer Answered

I know there are exspensive or maybe just newer PW's that you can add detergent to but not mine. It's just one of those hardware store 1300 PSI electric models. I'm just thinking that there has to be a way to provide some detergent to my spray. I think tapping into the feed hose with a siiphon rig would be a bad idea cuz then you'd be sending the soap through the pressure pump. It's have to be on the other end but there you have high pressure hose you might not want to cut. My thoughts flow along the lines of some sort of connector pipe comming off the output side that goes between the unit and the spray hose connector. You could make it a bit larger to hold like a dishwasher table or rig some sort of siphon hose (like a hose end sparyer) maybe. I'm not sure. My main thought isn't to use the soap for pressure CLEANING but to use the much greater reach of the pressure sprayer to spread the soap/cleaning solution farther - like up to second story siding. thanks


As Redneckengineer sugests, you can get inspiration from a sprayer/insecticide or sprayer/liquid fertilizer combo, or if you have, instead, a small air brush; although it could not be used for your purpose, it would give you a general idea of how to contruct one to scale for your use. <br />

the preassure washers that i've used seem to be pretty simple...the soap feed is deffinitely after the pump (see page 9 <a href="http://www.allpoweramerica.com/assets/docs/101manual.pdf">here</a>) looks like a simple T joint....i'm sure it's not that simple...but it looks pretty straight forward

Well if you had a closed bucket with a in/out hook up for the hose, the pressuer from the pump would force water into the bucket then out to the sprayer end. Just keep it simple and you'll find how do get er' done.

That was actually my first though; my hose end sprayer is only threaded on the hose end though.  I was thinking about maybe a piece of hose between the pump output and the spray hose with maybe a feeder hose (like fish tank line) going to a bucket of soap but would that syphon from the bucket and how to attach it into the hose? Thanks for the comment!

Look no farther than the garden for inspiration. There are sprayers for garden hoses that you add miracle grow or pesticides to the bottle that gets mixed when the water is put thru it before it comes out the nozzle. A similar set up could be achieved before the tip sprayer on the wand to add the detergant. That way your water pressure coming out is the same, just fused with the dertegant. Also since its before the wand it is past the pump when it is added to the flow so no dertegent in the pump.