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detonator/igniter parts Answered

i want to create a list of detonator/igniter key parts parts and where to buy them. like nichrome wire, those switches that need a key to turn, fuses and other necessities



10 years ago

My idea for nichrome wire is to just use a single strand from a peice of non-copper strand-core wire (which you can get at electronics suppliers virtually anywhere) As for switches, well, I get mine a princess auto (which is a Canada only thing), but expect to pay a lot for keyswitches wherever you find them...

no i have a key switch that came in the mail i got it here for 1.99$ www.goldmine-elec.com

Some of you have allready seen my instructable on the easist ignitor, but some of you havn't. Why would you use all the nichrome stuff when all you need is a christmas light, and it is very reliable.

Unfortunately, no. I looked everywhere for nicrome before finally surrendering and going online. While I've read that you can get some in an old fashined heating element, I don't think you can find any nicrome Locally. Unless of course you're willing to pay out the nose for premade rocket ignitors-I saw a package of 6 of them at Hobby Lobby for around 6 bucks. Recently, I got 30 feet of nicrome off E-bay for 17 bucks, I figure it takes me maybe 1.3cm of nicrome per homemade ignitor, and aboutan inch and a half of speaker wire to make them myself-I've made an entire Altoids can full of them and I haven't made a dent in my supply. P.S. if you do go online to get some, GET IT ON A SPOOL. the stuff tangles wickedly.

we do need a new toaster.... are the heating elements in there nicrome or some other heating element that uses around 120Volts

I've just seen pictures of grids with nicrome wound in them- at least the posters say that it's nicrome, I've never found any myself.

as far as ignitors go, I have made one instructable already, but I designed a better kind a while ago- balically speaker wire split and stripped at both ends using the same method to attach the nicrome securely: I'ts a faster, more compact, better looking way to do it. I'm considering making an instructable.

yeah i added your instructable and about 10 others any chance of buying nicrome wire at radio shack? or a hobby store with rocket supples?