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difference between these rotary shears? Answered


I want to buy some rotary shears.

I can find two different designs.

Is there any difference in the performance of these two types ( I know that one has a guide bar for cutting straight edges )  ?


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Downunder35mBest Answer (author)2017-07-25

We had a bunch of these grey sheers at work.
They were cheap and mostly used for really thin stuff and nothing of good hardness.
Pain to mount securely too...
But once we actually had to use them for a custum order of proper materials they all failed within a few hundred cuts.
Can't speak for the Baleigh as I never used one but do yourself a favour and stay away from these cheap and crappy vice mounted sheers.
The blades go blunt quickly, the monts wear out fast and if not secured extremely well injury is almost certain to happen.
It is no fun if you press hard and the entire thing slips sideways because your vice grips or clamps rattled loose.

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Dear Downunder35m,

Thanks for recounting your experience.

I'll go for the Baileighs.


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steveastrouk (author)2017-07-25

The Baileigh tool won't let you down. The non-descript grey thing ?

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Dear Seveastrouk,

Thanks for your reply.

Yes, Baileigh are a good brand ( although I read that some of their tools, including this one, are made in China and assembled in the USA ) . . its just that the other shears are a good brand too ( Sykes Pickavant) . . . the Baileigh looks impressive but when I look at tool shaping videos the craftsmen seem to use the thin ones , so it puzzles me . . but as you say I can't go wrong with Baileigh , , ,. and I want every tool that they sell.


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Sykes aren't what they used to be.

Nice link. Bookmarked ;-)

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