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dip (chewing tobacco tin table Answered

 so a big part of the population of my school uses dip and they come in tins.  i was thinking of making a table made of these tins as a way to recycle them and also show how mutch use there is at our school.  what do people think of it??




8 years ago

really like those ideas.  i have been thinking about it a lot lately but also i would have to talk to the school about it because personally i dont dip but i know a lot of people who do.  but that brings up another problen.  our school has a no use policy and im wondering if i would be able to do this without getting myself or others in trouble because if you are caught with bottles with spit or the tins themself you get in major crap.  i would have to find a way of making it a informational project too.  like show how it affects a person or something to that fact.  

I think it would be a great social awareness project.  As long as you don't reference anyone in your work, I can't see how you'd be getting them into trouble.  And if the school gets upset, it's because you're exposing a problem they haven't figured out yet.  It sounds like a great art project - and if you promote it in this way, I think it could have a profound effect.

I bet that would work good for picking up girls.    ... and this here is my table made out of chewing tobacco tins.. heh    if you do make it.  be sure to keep it in a man cave away from the eyes of women!

Sounds like a good plan. Are the cans round or square ?

They are almost universally round. Personally, I'd go with a suit of scale armor instead of a table, but that's just me.

Maybe over lap them like shingles to get total coverage and then pour a clear plastic top to get a flat surface and to protect the image on the cans.