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do they make kitchen countertops that just sit over your old ones?the whole countertops to just sit over top the old? Answered


There is a company that makes a granite "shell" that goes over an existing counter. Check out Granite Transformations on-line. They have locations in many states.


8 years ago

Man, I knew I should have made an 'ible about this. I just did this to my countertops (old plastic-laminate, perhaps Formica) because the previous installer had glued them on with high-strength construction adhesive, and I couldn't get them off without damaging the cabinets. Just make (or have made) new sub-tops out of 1/2" particle board that are 1/2" wider than your existing tops, with drop edges that will cover the existing edging, cover them with new P-Lam, and then screw them to the existing tops from the underside. I'll be doing one more small top in the next few weeks, and I'll do an 'ible about it. P-Lam is easy to work with, and well within the DIY scope.


8 years ago

Yes, I've seen services advertised that will put a new countertop over the old one.  Look in your yellow pages, there should be a few companies in your area that do this.


There ARE products for repairing minor damage, but that's about it.

Countertops area usually a pretty customized thing.  Businesses that supply inserts for bathtubs rely on the fact that there really are only a few shapes of tubs commonly found in most people's homes.  That's not so easy to do in the kitchen.  There's a couple of standard widths; but lengths, shapes, textures, etc vary widely.

If it is an ordinary laminate countertop was properly installed, then it's designed to be removed when it's worn out.  The stuff is cheap compared to a lot of other household fixes.  It really only gets expensive when you decide to replace the sink and fixtures too of if you decide to switch to something fancier like granite.

I think counter tops are usually a standard width to suit standard appliances/ cooktops/dishwashers/sinks etc. If you want a new top to cover the old one, and not just a new surface (some kind of laminate) they will need to be custom built. It would be cheaper and easier to remove the old tops altogether and get new ones.

What are you asking here? You want to add a new surface to your kitchen without removing the existing one?