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do you get money? Answered

Do you get money if you create instructables? or if they click on the ads? Do you get money?




Best Answer 3 years ago

If you publish a project that is cool enough to get featured, you get rewarded with a pro account, which has a cash value.

The contests are all free to enter, and some prizes are worth tens of thousands of dollars.

Some members have managed to monetise their memberships by selling the things they make, using their instructables to launch very successful Kickstarters, or even using their Instructables portfolios to secure jobs.

I get 60 minutes for every hour I spend on an Instructable.

What? no break time scheduled in? How about a ten minute nap scheduled into every 60 minutes.


3 years ago

You might be able to talk your parents into giving you a cash incentive for publishing worthwhile articles. After all it could be considered part of your education to help you publish in the future. But outside of your own family, monetairy expectations are pretty bleak.