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do you play on runscape? Answered

hi people! this is just a random question, do you play on runescape? let me know whatever, but if you do, say your: name good levels combat level are you a member? how long have you played? do you have alot of money? what are your best items?


id rather not post my current username...
2.5m cash, ss is best item
100and sumthing quest points
playing 8 years with a 4(ish) years break after my old account (happypoo 30)
got hacked, with all items takin, (had santa and green phat) D=
was a lvl 128 but the hacker autolvled fishing and everything got rolled

i am a member 3 billion in my bank 5 mil on me full dragon dragon two hander dragon kite sheild and highest level

runescape is the nerdiest game EVER

Not the nerdiest game ever. Warhammer 40 K is (not to say that it is bad.).

it seems like EVERYONE used to play it and then got sick of it in like 2 weeks!!!!!! how are people still playing it?

well, the next time you say something is stupid, compare it to others, and have better facts then, "That's the only game I saw someone play"

funny i made a post challenging the alliance to get back at me for a certain picture i made

Cloud 1802
Highest lvl =57 strength
Combat = 68
Free player
About 3 years with a 2 1/2 year break in the middle. So yeah, about half a year.
I have at the moment, 560k.
Best items are full rune with rune 2h, or with scimitar and h1 shield. I have a team 47 wildy cape and a strength ammy. I carry a defence ammy with me in case I get attacked by something strong.

Shamefully, my lowest level is

ma names sethxeyas, im lvl 80, im a mem ma highest skill is 65 flech i got 54 wc 64 att 64 str 63 def

Dude, that game will give you carpel tunnel from all the clicking. I only played for an hour or two and my finger hurt like hell.

I started Runescape for two months and Im a level 65. Like on a post somewhere in here, it brutally murdered my time. Name is father evile highest level is woodcutting, defense, attack, and strength all in the 50's. I only have 1 mill, and im working on full zamorak. I got the kiteshield now. Then i have another account named Demon Cullen (if you see a relation between this and a certain book, good job). Level 14, highest skill is mage at 30 something and woodcutting at 64, he's got about 500k. His best item is his axe.


9 years ago

I played since Classic. :D I have plenty of chars but my main is Juklop (lol) Let's see, I have 76 WC and 75 or something fletching and 75 str last I checked. I don't have a lot of items but I my best items I think are full Guthans and Green party hat. Also: fart.

Ooooooooooo! I love rs! umm name: meeza321 good levels: well, I have 50 hunting... Thats my highest. combat level: 54 I am a member I've been playing for about three years. (I took a few long breaks though....) Not a lot of money, I'm working on that best items... umm... I'd have to say my rune 2h.

I used to, 'cause I was bored. name...not telling because I want my account to sit there in peace for the rest of eternity (it's not banned or anything...I just quit 'cause I was bored) good levels: I have 8 99 skills, including prayer, thieving, wc, fishing combat level: 128 are you a member? used to be how long have you played? like 3 yrs do you have alot of money? yeah 1 billion (I merchanted...you know like you can make a couple million per item, if you know the tricks) what are your best items? sold most of the things

My user name is Zett Vampyre My good levels are 72 firemaking and 71 woodcutting. My combat level is 56. I am a member. I have played for 3 years. Yes, I have a lot of gp. Full guthix.

I think youre trying to fill up the forum with yourself. Maybe not, but you were only 5 sections away from it....

I'm usually a sucker for anything Google unleashes....