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do you think nintendo will mind if i have a game made and put on a cd then sold online? Answered

nintendo hasnt gave me the answer yet so i dont know if i can. also id liek to know what kind of disc the game disc is?


You can't sell it online but you can release it as free and open source homebrew.

The answer is, yes... they will mind. They may even sue. As much as it sucks, you have to go through a licensed publisher or become a licensed publisher yourself. Either way, it's often a long and tough process. Your might try and contact a company that sells Wii games in the same genre as yours and make a sales pitch. Generally, go to the company website and look for the contact info for their corporate office. Call and make inquiries about who you should talk to until you find the right person. If they like your game and see that you have most of the work done, it's quite possible they'll buy it. You could also investigate distributing it through WiiWare. I have no clue who to speak to about that... but I would start by asking the creators of Homestarrunner.com or the popular flash game World of Goo. These people are both WiiWare veterans and approachable individuals. They can probably offer you some advice, and they can likely point you to the right people.

Oh if you haven't gotten any of the programing and design DONE yet... I'm afraid nobody can help you. You're simply going to get a "no" everywhere you turn.

You said "Have a game made". Do you mean you are going to try to get a game designer take your idea and just do it? Hate to say it, but most likely you are just going to get a "We do not accept unsolicited game ideas" letter. Even if they do use the idea, they will probably say its theirs and give you no credit.