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does any1 play the world of warcraft version of dungeons and dragons? Answered

i started playing with my brother and his friends on march 8, 2010 and i am kinda lost.



Best Answer 8 years ago

D20 can be a little confusing to get into for any beginner.  I've only played a few total games over the last few years...

What I can offer is ask at the local comic shops - you're pretty much guaranteed to find someone who either knows your problem or its solution...or where to look.

All I can suggest is reading the manual more carefully.  You suggest that you are confused - what EXACTLY are you confused about?

i live in las vegas so there is no comic stores.  :(    i am confused about the overall gameplay. i dont own the manuel my brothers freind does.

Vegas, a city of lights...MUST have comic stores.  google it!

The jist of the game is you are playing, pretending ot be a character.  I couldn't wrap my head around it - its all imagination.

its been a few sessions and im getting the hang of it. i did google it. apperanetally all the adults would much rather go to strip clubs than comic book stores. im a kid so imagination is not a problem.

Order the manual and the "for dummies" guide on amazon. It explains a lot. If you need it, I can PM you the bare basics.

 look around