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does anybody know what this is? Answered

i found this while i was taking apart a broken pool water heater, it looks like fiberglass but it also kinda looks like asbestos, i took a small sample of it, here is a picture: EDIT: it is also very fine and fibrous, the picture kinda sucks but, i hope someone can help me


Try going in a dark room and burning a piece in a blowtorch, alcohol, or other pale-colored flame. How easily does it melt or burn? What color does your flame change to (if at all)? If you have a good oven thermometer, try to see at what temperature it melts and/or burns.

i didn't get to test it in a oven, but i burned it, it actually didn't burn it melted and got really hard and i squeezed it in tweezers and it like broke apart(similar to glass i guess)

I think it's glass fibres too. They can irritate your skin - be careful. L


8 years ago

My guess is its fiberglass filter material. The fiberglass is twisted into filaments which are wound around a plastic filter cartridge form. It looks like your filter cartridge is breaking down after a long hard life. Most pool or home improvement supply houses can supply a replacement cartridge for about 10 bucks or less. Measure the old cartridge forthe proper replacement.

. Unless it's a very old heater, it will not be asbestos. Probably ceramic fiber/wool or fiberglass.