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does anyone have a good idea of how I can make a globe of ice - ie. representing the earth, for a photography project? Answered

I want to make a globe/ sphere that looks like the earth (maybe with some colours or even textures) and it does not have to be accurate, just representative. I want to take a photo of this ice-ball melting for a photography project Any cool ideas on how I can make the globe? PS: I dont have an enormous freezer!!!



9 years ago

You could fill 2 pudding basins or bowls with water (or just 1 twice over) and freeze them, then splash water over the two parts and tie them together until the parts are frozen in a globe...or perhaps that would be too big...

thanks Kitwah (is that really your name?!???!?) - its another option! I think I have a busy weekend in front of me! Hoping to find a spot near where I live on the hill, so I can get a good dawn/sunset with the ice-globe half melting away.... the company I work for are doing a photo competition, and they are also sponsoring various climate change scientific expeditions, so I thought they would particularly like this idea.... Keep the good ideas coming though :-) Sanjay

Use a round candle mould.

I'm probably going to try this... buy a small plastic ball make a hole in the ball cut in half paste some plasticine to the inside of each half, representing negative continents (ie the ocean floors). Make sure its all stuck in well put 2 halves together. cover 'seam' with more plasticine fill ball through hole put in freezer 6 hours later, open the ball again Roberts My Uncle - I have a rough ice-globe... sound good? Sanjay

Keep in mind that in a photograph, it doesn't matter how big your globe is as long as there isn't anything to reference it against. Your best bet might be to make a silicone mold of a small globe and then use that mold to freeze water.

If this is just for a photograph, you could consider cheating, by coating a model with shiny clear laquer and then spraying it with water.
For the full thing made of ice, it's a big job.

Cut a ball in half.
Freeze coloured ice and carve it into continents.
Pack the continents into the hemisphere with some blocks of clear ice for spacers, top-up with ice-cold water and freeze.
You're then going to have to make the other half.
For combining them, fit the two together and tape them water-tight around the equator. Drill a big hole from the top to the centre and fill with cold-water - freeze again.


PS: I dont have an enormous freezer!!!
without a large freezer this will be difficult. no freezer at all, impossible!

They manufacture globes which have contour bumps imprinted, these are typically made by stamping half a globe hemisphere out from a mold, which means that typically the ridges are on the inside as well. This lends itself to carefully crackingbreakingdropkicking seperating a full globe in half, filling the two halves with water and freezing! I think this is the easiest approach.

Depending on the kind of effect desired, this might be on interest.

You're posting pictures when you're done, right?