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does anyone know any program that will combine mp4s well? Answered

 I want to be able to watch a full episode of Karin (Chibi Vampire) and I can download the video in 3 different parts. Now does anyone know of a program that will take each video and combine them into one?



Best Answer 8 years ago

Won't MovieMaker do the job?

 it won't recognize my mp4s.

Try using "imtoo" to convert them to WMV files?

I never know movie maker can do it also. Usually
I use this converter to merge the separate videos into one. You can try it

Imovie. Mac.

 working on a PC here. But man do I wish I had a mac.

Hmm, that tends to be a problem. Are you SURE they are mp4s?

 they say mpeg4 right on them.

Try this, it is Debugmode Wax. It takes almost any video format you can through at it and has a similar interface to Song Vegas.

 It won't recognize my mp4s. heard it will only take .avi files for video.

Ah, well all I can really suggest is to try this to convert the MP4 to AVI and then you can work with it in WMM.