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does anyone know how the mag works on a revolver? how could i make one? Answered


There is no magazine on a revolver it is a turret or barrel.

it revolves...What do you want to know about it? The cocking of the hammer on a revolver ratchets the 'magazine' (clip?). Fully pulling the trigger releases the hammer, then it starts again.

The part that holds the cartridges in a revolver is called the cylinder.

Start by learning correct terminology. "Where's the floppy disk go in my iPod" sounds about the same as your question : ) If you are asking about specific brands or types (airsoft v firearms), then specify which to get a good answer.

A revolver has a cylinder. The cylinder holds from 5 to 9 cartridges (but usually it holds 6). It rotates every time you cock the hammer (or on some when you pull the trigger). When it rotates, it places the next (live) cartridge in line with the barrel. These pics are of revolvers from my "How to store a Firearm" instructable. The first two revolvers have the cylinders removed.