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does anyone know how to build a handheld n64? Answered

okay, i know people aren't always jumping to their first chance to give people their ideas but i'm not going to do anything with your work except for build my own. i am horrible with tech stuff, which is why i'm on instructables. Anyway i would just like to have one with a ps one screen and sockets for like a controller built- in. i would also like to have one with battery life. so if anyone can and would want to help that would be great and thanks for your time. 

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MODDEDbyBACTERIA (author)2010-02-09

You might be interested in looking on my Wordpress site - covers how to mod the N64, what to use, and how to make it into a handheld portable.  

I joined Instructables so I can upload some of my videos in due course, saw your question and thought I would reply to it.


There is a PDF available for download on my site, and once the step-by-step video project of making a handheld N64 portable from scratch is completed, I intend to upload it all to Instructables.  

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skittlespider (author)2009-10-15

You may have already seen this site, but Benheck.com has a lot ofinformation about making handheld systems.<br /><br />He has made an N64 portable too:<br /><a href="http://benheck.com/n64-portable">http://benheck.com/n64-portable</a>

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Bartboy (author)2009-10-14

I know this is unhelpful, but the answer is yes.

But not me!

I would be interested in making one too, but I think making one withsockets would be a lot easier than built in controllers.

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