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does anyone know how to make a beer hat?? Answered

i wont drink beer though mabye coke or somthin.........


i made an inscructable on one and it includes no ducktape

I am thinking about doing a version for Cinco de Mayo. Using a sombrero so it could also hold beer snacks (chips, nuts, pretzels etc.)

ok so you need a hard hat 2 2 liter soda bottles come UNUSED aquarium tubing from petsmart or a fishey place and my favorite tool .....DUCT TAPE!!!!! tape bottles to the helmet and cut offthe bottoms of them put small holes in lids and put beverage in and enjoy

yer thats bacically it but its hard to find the stuff

id say the hardest part would be the actual cup holders. You can probably use PVC Pipe or soemthing similar to get the desired affect.


9 years ago

take a construction workers hat.... go buy 2 car window cup holders... add combine them with superglue. Get those crazy bendy straws and connect em. or get some plastic tubing for a fish tank water purifier. Viola. Substitute other hats if you want to.

no they need a straw thingy to drink with like the ones with nossels

Aren't beer hats more or less hats with a cup/cup holder on both sides of the cap?