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does anyone know how to remove bubbles from the kitchen sink? Answered

do you know those pesky bubbles in your kitchen sink that always reside after you finish washing up the dishes?
well i know them all too well and they never pop however much i poke them or blow on them or hair dryer them :(
i had a look online and found a idea that you can tip ground pepper on the suds to pop them efficiently, but all it did was pop a couple of centermeters of the bubble monolith and now my sink smells like pepper :(
does anyone have anyone ideas/experience as to how sove my bubbly problem?

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Kiteman (author)2013-09-12

If you have a mound of bubbles left, you are using too much washing up liquid, so the first step is to reduce that - not only will it reduce the bubbles, but it will save money and reduce your environmental impact.

Next, rinse with cold water, not hot. The temperature change will make the bubbles burst.

If that still doesn't work, drop a bar of solid soap in a jug of water as you start washing the dishes. Afterwards, use that water to rinse down your sink. The solid soap has a different bubble-chemistry to your dish detergent, and pops them quite efficiently.

(This also works after a bubble bath.)

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thematthatter (author)Kiteman2013-10-01

that explains my poor results with mr bubbles, you could have made my childhood a lot happier.

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sooie (author)Kiteman2013-09-12

Thank you greatly Kiteman the bar of soap trick workes great. It is funny because after i posted this forum i was at the kitchen sink and dropped a bar of soap into the surdy-dishwater, i went to pick it out and lots of bubbles popped when i removed the bar of soap. so i got the bar of soap and rubbed it on my hands until i had really soapy hands and then touched as many bubbles as i could with my hands and they all popped.
i was so happy that i found this after i posted the forum :)
then i just went on my instructables and got a message that there was a comment in a forum, and you said that you put a bar of soap in a jug of water and i smiled so much that somone else knows about the bar of soap so thank oyu so much Kiteman

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ChristopherO47 (author)2016-10-18

Spray the bubbles with isopropyl alcohol.

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