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does anyone know how to store CDs that have broken or lost cases without damaging them? Answered

i don't know what to do with them =/i  



Best Answer 8 years ago

I just make very crude CD sleeves out of sheets of paper.

yea thats thats alot of paper but i'm just gonna reuse old magazines or something.... thanks =) 

is there something that would take less time, i have ALOT of Cds 

Less time?  It talkes about 10 seconds.  Take a sheet of paper, fold it in half (bottom to top) insert CD in the fold, fold in the edges behind, tape the edges in the back.

Otherwise go to your local music store or office supply place and buy either a big CD wallet or just a box of CD sleeves.  You can get a box of 50 for around $2.00.  I have a bout 500 DVDs I keep this way.  Rather than taking up a whole booksehlf the now take up 1/2 of a small drawer.

If you've digitized your CDs and just need to store them (recommended) then just keep them on a spindle in the closet since you shouldn't need to ever touch them again.

put them on a spindle?

I've used old tyvec sleeves from 5.25" diskettes times.

Basically, anything that keeps the surfaces of the disks from being abraded and that lets you easily find the disk you want should do the job.

(But at the moment I have more than enough spare jewel cases -- rescued from obsolete software before it was thrown out -- that I really don't need to go hunting for workarounds.)

See also the instructable at right, "EZ cd/dvd sleeve"?

If you have a lot, I know it's kind of anti instrucables, but maybe a large CD wallet might be best.  You can get ones that hold hundreds of cd's