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does anyone want me to make another engine Answered

 if any one does plz tell me, if you want  a certain kind tell me :) 



8 years ago

use ruberbands and smaller wheels

 Could you please show us how to make one? it could really be useful for my yearly assignment :)

 i probly will but more like early this summer say june ish or even july


8 years ago

Yes, but could you take photos as you build so others can build it too?

 i will probly make one early this summer and make an ible k

a boxer motor

yes i do want you to make a nother engine . o yeah its just an idea but do you think you could get same rpm from a geared up knex moter than from the blqack and decker you used

 no you can't probly cause they don't have enough torque

 V8 plus roots type supercharger

WHY was this posted in my fangroup?

 do you not want it in here. i just put it in one of my group no particular reason

 Sure.  I don't see why not.

Looks good. You should make a fully functional engine to proper scale.

 nah how bout somthin else just to much having to be inclosed

How about no engine. Make something else. Some thing cool. Something awesome.

Here is an idea:

Walk around your house and look at stuff that you use everyday and is very useful, then when you find something, go make it in knex! Then post instructions, and get nopticed!