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does having a tuba on its bell for long periods of time flatten the bell? Answered

i was wondering because the 7 tuba players at our school are pretty lazy(i included) so after the class we usally just leave them upside down on the bells for the next class.



I think brass will creep, so avoid standing it for more than a million years or so.....

Well, it really depends on the tuba. My Conn EEb Monsterbass is fine on the bell, but a Miraphone 186 is not the most stable on the bell.

I don't think that it would be a big issue. The only thing is that they bell lip might get scratched. There are these thinks you can buy, sorta like a plastic tube that you can run around the lip of the bell so that it doesn't get scratched.

The problem is less of brass creeping and more of the outside forces that would act on the tuba.  Other students bumping the tubas, wind, anything that would disturb the tuba's balance.  The other part of that is setting the tuba down too hard so that the bell flattens.  I really don't think that tubas were designed to sit on their bells, it's just a convenient coincidence on many tubas.  Personally, as a band director, I never let my students leave their instruments like that because I've seen too many fall over.


8 years ago

Nah, that probably wouldn't happen. They were made to sit like that.

Not unless your sit on them that way.