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does hydorchloric acid eat through wax? Answered

I am trying to make naruto style headbands out of stainless steel and i want to know if hydrochloric acid will melt through wax so i can apply the hydrochloric acid specifically to where i want it. i am planning to use about 1/16 inch thick stainless and have the acid eat through about half of it. if it does eat through wax is there any substance that it wont eat through? thank you for all of your help!


I figured that might be the Right Answer, but figured that if it was, someone more clueful would chip in and say so.

I know this stuff.
I was washing a stainless fume-cupboard with 5M HCl and spilled some on my jeans. By lunchtime the stitching had disintegrated around the arse....


My girlfriend's degree claims she's a chemist, so I've heard stories. (Her career went in a different direction, as happens to many of us.)


6 years ago

A problem you would face also is that the acid reaction releases heat, sometimes a lot. The reaction heat would melt your wax at the edges and slowly eat its way into new areas as the wax melts away. There might be a tape that would work. Many plastics are not effected by HCL so a plastic tape made for the purpose would be the best choice. Try Google.

Probably depends on exactly what wax.

Websearch finds
which says that hydrochloric can be used to dissolve at least some waxes (a passing mention; their concern is specifically applications where one does want to remove wax).