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does it make a different if you use bread machine yeast or regular yeast if you are not using a bread machine? Answered

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lizzyastro (author)2012-02-10

Bread machine (instant) yeast is designed to be activated by the moisture and carbohydrates in the bread dough and is "fast" yeast.

Standard dried baker's yeast needs to be activated in warm (body temperature) water with a little sugar in it and is added to the flour mix once it has started to froth.

Fresh yeast also works best mixed with warm sugared water then added to the flour mix.

You can use bread machine yeast for hand kneaded bread but you may have to let the dough rise (prove) for a little less time before knocking back and shaping it for the second rising.

It is not recommended to use fresh yeast in bread machines, especially if you use the delayed start setting.


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Re-design (author)2012-02-10

Nope. IT's the same stuff but it might act a bit quicker.

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