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does someone can help me buid a pacemaker ? Please :)? Answered


i must be clear! i`m a student at bioengineery . I have to do a project! that project is a cardiac pace maker! i don`t want to use it on myself! the idea is to build one and to see on the oscilloscope the type and the frequency of the signal!

thx anyway for the answers


5 years ago

What's your budget for this project?

yeah, a few million USD should cover it.

A pacemaker to control a heart?


If you think you need one, or a family member needs one, go and talk to a medical professional, face-to-face.

I think not. - I wouldn't want you to be taking the risk.

You ARE kidding, right ?

Nope. Do you really think that asking for advice on the internet on how to build a device that is inserted into a human to keep them alive is really a good idea? You should immediately forget this idea for the safety of everyone involved.
I'm not trying to be mean, but this is absolutely something you should not be doing.