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does the size of a Parachute matter ? Answered

I'm doing a science fair project on Parachutes and I need to know if the size of a parachute matters  


thank you guys for the help.

I've been a parachuter in the army and can tell you the size does not matter.
We had skinny blokes with a weight of under 70kg and big guys exceeding 110kg.
We all had the same parachute, only difference was that some made it down faster and with a harder landing.
I mean if size would matter then people would use big parachutes to drop a vehicle and small ones for people or small loads.....

Don't they use multiple chutes when dropping heavt weight like vehicles?

Isn't that the point of the project ? You make some and try it.

And you can start with a thought experiment: If it didn't matter, why do spaceships need massive parachutes, and often more than one to land, and why do people only need one ?