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dog urine stains Answered

How can I remove dog urine stains and odors from hardwood floors?  they are very dark, and at least two years old.  Thank you!

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karolinka777 (author)2017-09-04

Grinding is the best option but not the cheapest

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Downunder35m (author)2017-08-26

Had that problem on some floorboards in the laundry of my previous rental.
Especially on warmer days the smell was quite annoying.
After giving up on the normal cleaners and realising the urine had actually gone into the gaps between the boards and from there into the unprotected wood I was close to call it quits.
Chemisty got me back on track though...
The wood was quite dark in the affected areas and of course it was no option to carve deep valleys into the wood to remove the stained parts.
Instead I got a bottle of 35% hydrogen peroxide from my local supplier.
Carefully spilled quite a bit of it directly onto the wood and then used a squeegee to move to puddle around to cover the area in question.
And yes, I did use elbow long nitrile gloves and a face shield as the stuff is quite nasty on your skin and eyes.
The most bubbling happened in the joints of the boards and by moving the puddle of peroxide over them again and again I soaked the wood as good as possible.
Took about 15 minutes of moving around until there was not enough liqud left to move.
Some paper wipes took care of the rest and the area was left to dry for a few days.
I repeated this process 5 times until the wood started go really light in color in several areas.
Mind you I was still unable to to penetrate directly under the varnish cover, sanding down to the wood will certainly help here.
Another 2 weeks of drying and wiped the gaps with eucalyptus oil so it could soak into the wood - it is good to kill odors and the organic stuff causing it but should be used in small amounts on bare wood.
If used on bare wood make not to use a water based varnish to finnish off - it won't stick to the wood ;)

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bwrussell (author)2017-08-25

I suspect your best/only option at this point is to re-finish them. Sand them down and re-coat.

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seandogue (author)2017-08-25

bleaching would be a traditional way to lighten wood. However, at over 2 years old, you're probably stuck with them, so careful sanding, and blending with wood-stain is probably the best you can hope for.

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