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dose any one know any thing about the SPICER 5652B TRANSMISSION? Answered

I just got one because the guy was going to scrap it. all I know about it is it is a 5 ton 5 speed, and I have found the gear ratios. if you know anything at all please let me know.

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bodyslam (author)2009-08-31

Think it is common 3 ton Speed, Navistar T444 I might be interested in buying it if you wish to sell it email me at quietwind_1@hotmail.com I need to rebuild to correct jumpiing out of 2nd gear.

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vince 09 (author)bodyslam2009-09-01

I was told it was a 5 ton 5 speed that came out of a school bus
this page has a few specs. on it and pictures.


where are you from? I'm like an hour south east of kansas city MO.

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