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dose this girl like me? Answered

so i meat this girl on the last day of school during second period and at he end of school she asked me for my cell phone number and i told her i dont have one so she was like "oh...well...ok bye." and we left cause i had to get the bus. dose that mean she likes me or she just wants to be friends. please tell me if your a guy or a girl so i can see the diferent points of view. im 14 and have also like many others been saving my first kiss for some one special.


di you get her yet??


6 years ago

aah. :(


7 years ago


Hey, Well that she asked for your phone number is definitly a good sign that she likes you. It's to bad that you didn't have a cellphone. Everything now depends how you said that because she could have also thought that you wanted to blow her off in a stupid way. so the best thing to do now is when you see her at school again just go up to her and ask how she is doing. Have a nice normal conversation and see how it goes. You can't be certain at this point how she feels about you but just play it cool and slow for a while. Get to know her and see how it goes. Maybe propose to do something some time. And remember you don't always have to be girlfriend and boyfriend from the start it can also grow from friendship. So my advice is go talk to her tomorrow, have a conversation about stuff (school, friends, party...) and at the end ask if she wants to hang out some time. If she responds well, take it from there. And if you really like this girl and she likes you go for it :) A great way to tell (although not 100 procent foolproof) is if she asks if you're seeing somebody. Remember just to be yourself and see where it goes. On the matter of the special person. A first kiss is pretty important and I remember mine like it was yesterday but don't get to focused on the perfection it needs to be. I broke up with that girl two years ago but never had regrets about kissing her. All I'm saying is if she wants it and you want it don't go asking yourself if this is the one or not. Just do it and see where it takes ya :)

by the way, if u dont have a cell phone, give her your friends number and then tell ur friend u gave her number and ask him (ur friend) if u can use there cell phone to call her

dude dont torture urself over this q
come up to her and just talk with her and you will feel if she likes u
if u care so much u probly like her i gues

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okay so basically, she has an interest in you and wants to get to know you better.and this might not be romantically. She could just want to be friends with you.


8 years ago

You should live like I do, stop caring what most people think. If you like her, ask her out, and if she says no, there is only one down, which is that you didn't get her, and even if she does say no, people will say you had the balls to do it man!

Maybe, but maybe she just saw something interesting in you. Or maybe "crush at first sight". The last day of school causes lots of emotions to come out. You know it's that last chance syndrome.