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double blink LED control? Answered

there are three sets of LED I want to control, one function is dimmer, another is simple flashing LEDs, then I want two double blink LEDs( like a firetruck, blink blink pause blink blink pause) the simpler the better..i can find the first two circuits pretty easily , the third double flash is harder to find. is there a simple circuit that would do all three?


That's a simple flash circuit, easy enough to find..what about double flash? blink,blink,rest

If you modify the circuit in step 8 like this you get a steady flashing LED and a flash flash rest LED.

Flasher 2TR.bmp

PCBoards have arrived, damn I knew I would order wrong.. the 555 came SMD, I think all the capacitors are wrong ones.. but two of the four I think can still be used, the others are way too big.( which is why I asked about kit) wanna order for me and ill paypal you? (now have 10 boards 2x2)

(I only ordered for one, cause I knew I would screw up the order)

Tell you what I will swap you.

I have to go out but I will PM you with my address when I get back.


and he did send me a copy of the layout for a pcb, I didn't think of it then, but I asked him to resend me a copy of that so I can share it with you.

is it critical to use the fr151 diodes??(cant order less than 500) is there a replacement?

It is my design so I doubt anyone makes a kit, I use generic proto boards or I make my own PCB however, Schmartboards and others do make custom boards.


Mouser in Texas is where I buy my ICs and transistors, their prices are good some times as much as 1/10th as much as Radio Shack and the parts arrive in Canada within a week.


You can also get the datasheets on what you want to buy from Mouser from there web page.

Radio Shack and a couple electronics shops is where I get my other parts and I salvage.

I buy more than I need so when I mess up it is no biggy I have spares.

Rule of 5

1 for show

1 to blow

1 for defective

1 for testing

1 for finish

LM7805 10 for $5.52 at Mouser the price of 1 at Radio Shack.

SN74LS74A 10 for $19.60 at Mouser.

SN74LS08N 10 for $6.48 at Mouser.

And if you are just using small LEDs.

1N4001 10 for $1.34 at Mouser 1/5 the price of Radio Shack.


make your own boards..no thanks, I tried to get into that when I was young, if need be I will use a breadboard, but I did find this guy:


he said he could do a 10 count 2x2 for 50-60 and he would convert the schematic, still waiting to hear back from him.

and all we have here is radio shack but they seriously lack a variety of components, this is oilfield country, serious lack of nerds..

(salvaging was how I first got interested in electronics,)

The Source (Radio Shack Here in Canada) is pitiful here to also. I live in a small town and to get parts from a retailer I travel to Toronto or Guelph. About $120 travel costs so I only buy from a retailer when I travel there for some other reason.

I buy on line and it cost me less for shipping then the travel costs to go to a retailer. Companies like Mouser on orders over $25 ship for free and to be safe when I buy on line I buy with a prepaid credit card or a gift card, that way I can limit the damage if someone gets the card number.

I also get free components by emailing manufactures and asking for a free sample of what I want, that is how I got the VFD in this Instructable.


I can make that circuit board for less than $10 assembled PCB and all.


that one flasher looks like what I have the schematics for, perfect, it has board and components in one place! will have to look around that site for a double flash controller and a LED dimmer.

They are both dual LED alternating flashers

Being into model railroads I have spent a great deal of time messing with LED control. I started out using 555 timer circuits. I got great results, but at the cost of having several different circuits. Using 555 timer circuits I could get any result I wanted including your deired blink blink pause blink blink pause. This video uses four 555 timer circuits. One circuit alternates the yellow headlights. A second 555 switches between two more 555s attached to the red LEDs which each blinked when triggered. if one of the two red LEDs were removed you would have blink blink pause


Then I did the best thing ever. I tried Arduino. This video is just one Arduino.


The separate issue is remote control. have you chosen a method of remote control yet?

Have fun, I would love to see it complete. I have always wanted to try something like lighting up a scale model.

is there a LED dimmer circuit that I can hook to my remote? controlling through a potentiometer would require putting a hole in my ship for a knob..

on that reindeer: I cant find where it says how many outputs it can run..

I think you'd be better spending 20 bucks on the entry level programming kit, and making your own up.


All you really need is


and the programming lead.


and the programming software


Bear in mind you can buy in the USA too.


but,but, then there is an add-on USB wireless adapter, so I don't have to add a port to my ship, (but once I program it I wont need to reprogram it again,?)but, I would like a remote control, but it doesn't need to program, it just needs dim interiors, turn on/off spotlights, turn on/off xmas lights, but..the choice is getting down to this or arduino, I think this is looking cheaper..(did find a remote kit on e-bay for cheap)

Mmmm? You need a USB to serial cable - Not expensive. Picaxe can supply. The rest is free apart from the hardware.

Why do I feel there is more here then has been said?

What exactly do you want to do?

The picaxe forum completed projects will show you how to dim LEDS.

You CAN use a sony code IR transmitter to communicate with a picaaxe chip, built in software - Or even use another as the transmitter.

building the nx-01, trying to get main nav beacon to double flash, the other beacons to just flash, dimming for the interior lights, then separate on/off control for spot lights, and xmas lights, trying to find the easiest way to do this, remote is for I wont have any connectors showing through the hull.(yes, i can run it through the base as with power,but i think it would be cooler with a remote.)

and i have adhd and tend to overthink things(and end up confusing myself), this case being one of them.

Needs a little chip like the PICaxe

The simple circuit would be using a micro contorller like an arduino. Just plug the LEDs in with a resistor and the circuit is done. Then all you have to do is program in your modes.