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downloading a pattern with step-by-step-instructions, that has been posted in Instructable Answered

I have permission from Mirka Hokkanen, to download (www.instructables.com/id/Nifty-Car-Organizer).  I subscribed to this Instructale site as it informed me I would be able to download all of the pattern and instructions at once and pics and text would follow in order rather than piece-meal after the download.  I downloaded into Word and am trying to downsize pics and delete references to make fewer pages; however, with doing so things aren't staying together as promised.  Please advise on how to do this.  I do NOT have the full PDF loaded on my computer and prefer to use Word for downloads.




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mikeasaurus (author)2012-10-05

The instructable you mention doesn't seem to have any "pattern" files that you could download, just pictures of the process.
If you are referring to downloading the Instructable as a PDF for reading offline that function is a paid feature of the site.

If you want access to download PDF's of this or any project please sign up for a PRO membership here.

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