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drawing a schematic does not appear to be in your electronics class? Answered

i enrolled in your basic electronics class as per your suggestion at the top of this lesson, to learn how to draw a schematic, yet i could not find any specific instruction as such. nor could i find any existing instructable on the general procedures of drawing a schematic. i am a self-taught electronics hobbyist and have built a working circuit which i use in my work, but i never had a complete grasp of the schematic. i could probably guess what it should look like, but other questions arise like, how do i represent the arduino in my circuit?

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randofoBest Answer (author)2017-05-15

I don't have specific instructions for drawing schematics in this class.

I cover schematic symbols in the electronics class:


It really is a matter of drawing on paper the component symbols connected together as you see them on the breadboard. Once you know what the symbols look like, this part is just a matter of slowing down and carefully figuring it out.

If you are having trouble with the schematic symbols, you could draw on paper the circuit with pictures of each component (as opposed to schematic symbols). Then you could take that circuit drawing, and replace each of the little drawings of the components with their electronic symbol in another drawing on a separate sheet of paper. It is an extra step, but it may help think through some of the abstraction.

For something like an Arduino, it does not likely attach to the circuit board (unless you are making a shield) and don't need to worry too much (since it won't likely be included in Eagle). Nevertheless, you want to just draw and label I/O connections as just simple single lines with a circle on the end (i.e. --------O). That means there is an open connection where a wire connects the circuit board to an Arduino (i.e. -------O Arduino/Pin D3).

The same goes for all non-circuit board components (such as power jacks and switches).

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