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driver and update problem with windows 7 Answered

I've had my computer since last April. it has Windows 7 home premium sp1. the problem started about 6 months ago. whenever i plug in any new usb device, it fails to install any drivers. hardware installed before this started still works perfectly, only new stuff won't work. and the attached picture is what it looks like when i open windows update. both problems started around the same time, so i assume its the same problem, and i am just completely out of ideas as to what it could be. any help is greatly appreciated.

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Vyger (author)2013-07-17

Lots of possibilities but the most likely thing is spy ware or add ware. It could even be a virus. A common thing for these programs to do is to disable the updates so you can't get rid of them. Download Malwarebytes from this web site and install and run it. You may have to run it in safe mode and maybe more than once. Anyway that is where you should start.

After doing that you may have to fix some other things, it will all depend.  There are some fixes available on Microsofts web site. But first you gotta get it cleaned up.

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