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easier way for wooden weapons? Answered

i recently made a wooden sword, but i made it out of a large, cylindrical stick. the sawing was tedious, and the cut wasn't as straight as i desired. is there an easier way, not using a cicular or table saw, to cut it? (and no, "cut straighter" isn't the answer i'm looking for.)


A  wood plane and a belt sander.  You can get minature wood planes from The Home Depot for around $20.  You would be surprised how fast it can shave that wood down to the desired shape.  There might be some small imperfections, but nothing a little 80 grit sandpaper can't take care of.  Just remember to go with the grane when planing.  Hope this works for you.

You may also want to consider a spokeshave, which can be considered a kind of plane.

You may also want to consider starting with something other than a cylinder. The less wood you have to remove, the easier it will be to get to the desired shape. Since most blades are flat, you might want to start with flat stock for the blade (including its tang) then carve a handle separately that will glue over the tang.

i realized early on that flat wood would've been easier to work with, but with my stubborn mind i made myself work until it was complete... stupid dignity!