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echo_anomie - Laser Image Projector - Universal Laser Cutter Finalist! Answered

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echo_anomie was a finalist in the 2008 Instructables and Universal Laser Cutter Contest for:
Laser Image Projector

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Hey man, this is such a visual project. Have you considered projecting it on a large kite as an advertisement after a basketball game. You might be able to get some sponsors. I'm surprised you don't have that many votes! -BG utility

Just the other day I was riding past a place that had a small yellow blimp floating 20m above - thinking ' I wonder what it would be like to project on that?'. I'm just glad to 'get it out there' - I always want to move onto other projects, but this one was such a good idea I had to document the instructions before it disappeared into obscurity. I'm more than happy for other people to run with the idea.