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edit instructables comments Answered

Hi everybody Is there a way to edit posted comments on instructables? (yeah, I know I should use the preview button) but once the comment has been posted how could I edit it? I hate to find an error once it's posted and the only way to edit it is by deleting and re-post the comment. Sure I could copy & paste but then my links are gone and I don't want to search through websites again to reconstruct what could be a simple edit.


Bringing this back to the top.

Pretty please... :)


9 years ago

No edits at this point in time for comments.. I would be helpful..

Yeah it would be helpful, especially if you typed "I would be helpful" instead of "It would be helpful" :P

That comment was during computers class. The keyboard I was using isn't necessarily the best one in the world.. :D

I think it was pretty funny though :D

To prevent that sort of error you want the YouTube "read my comment back to me" feature- your eye might not spot the difference between "I" and "It" but you'd definitely hear it. IIRC the rationale for not allowing editing comments was to stop you saying "Hey is that a Black&Decker; 18V?" and when they say "Yes" you edit your comment to "Hey are you a big loser?". Either that or technical difficulty.

I would suggest something like a
line seprating the edit from the real text

EDIT: seperating*

That would help for clarifications etc. but I think most people would want the ability to edit so they could correct typos or other mistakes. If you wrote something like "when I go to the swimming pool I like to duck my friends under the water" and accidentally misspelled "duck", snigger snigger, additive editing wouldn't remove the original typo so there's no real reason to do it- it would be more likely to draw attention to the mistake. Sometimes my fingers lose the ability to spell, so I know there's no apostrophe in possessive "its" but occasionally type it anyway, and would love the ability to go back and correct those (doubly so because I'm also a mild grammar nazi). Oh, and it's "separating" :P

good idea except for the handfull of unreconized words

If you want to fix this sort of error: copy the comment text and delete it quick. Then comment again, paste and correct.
(or use the preview button)


Hmm, You could try asking the admins. They probably may give you some secret, or they may be glad to do it for you.

Lol! To contact an admin to edit a comment... I'd go back to my old delete and post again technique. But there should be a reason for not allowing to edit comments but allowing to delete them (I hope so since it doesn't make sense to me)