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electric bicycle Answered

ok, i wanna take a old bike and put an electric motor on it, with a solar charged battery. what i wanna know is, what are my options on motors if i wanna use recycled components? can i use a motor from a; washer, dryer, blower fan, ect? i would like to be able to have something i can get around town with(not assisted)


i have a 3 amp 120vac garage door opener motor. is there somewhere i can look to find out how to make it work?

ok cool dc it is, but what can i get thats good for this application. out of recycled materials

All the motors you list run on DC.

Try something from a cordless power tool.

There are a number of solar-charging projects here (just hit the search box), but unless you live in a desert, you're not going to get many miles a day out of solar.


They're all AC, he needs DC motors.

Or a long extension lead.