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electric car conversion? Answered

me and my dad are going to a junk yard to pick up a 37 packard and a 65 mustang and we are going to make them electric but only one problem neither of us know how the electricity will power car to move i dont understand that

if you can give an explantion or even better a diagram showing how to do it it.

thanks alot guys.


A guy down the road from me did a ute, i would go for this option rather than or a mini if you are using light weight batteries, mustang is to much weight to pull

And a packard is twice as heavy, at least, as my small pick-up truck, and 3 to 4 times the empty weight of the mustang.
not to hi-jack a thread, but pick-up is USA, ute is Australian, do the Brits call it something else? I have heard lorry, but think they are bigger trucks.


8 years ago

You are going to have a REALLY hard time putting enough battery into a mustang to do anything over 20 miles at 25 miles per hour. I would suggest you sell these cars to collectors, and pick a much better body to start with. Small pick-up trucks are much more home-modified friendly and have the frame and suspension to hold enough batteries to be usefull.


That said, he built that with AC drive and a Li-iron phosphate battery, which pretty complex for a first-time conversion. I agree about using a truck...you can toss the batteries in the front of the bed and not have to spend time welding a battery rack.

You have a ton of research to do before you get started.  You can start here.

Since you don't know much about electric cars I suggest you start out by buying a kit to convert the Mustang.  It's probably going to be the easiest to get started on.