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electricity generators Answered

Alright, so I'm working on a project, which I won't disclose at this time, and I need as many different ways to generate electricity as possible.  Any and all ideas are welcome, nothing is too weird or unconventional.  The on requirements are it needs too be portable and smallish, in theory it should be easily carried on say, a hiking trip or something.  It also needs to be able, even with some circuitry, to charge a battery.  Ideally 2 AA batteries in series, but higher than 3v is OK as well.  So, I will compile all the ideas and, if they will work for my purposes, I will include it in my instructable I'm working on.  Any suggestions are greatly appreciated and all ideas are welcome.  Fire away!


piezoelectric. thermocouple. bioelectrical. gas turbine fueled by flatulence. satelite on a n-s orbit with a coil of wire cutting thru earths magnetic field.

Piezo- I'm working on that. Thermocouple- as in a peltier? I'm working on that. Bioelectrical- that has promise, can you elaborate a bit? Gas turbine powered by flatulence- Umm...that would be an awkward way to charge a phone ;). satelite on a n-s orbit with a coil of wire cutting thru earths magnetic field- I haven't the slightest idea on how to do that, but it sounds really cool! Any designs for it yet? Thanks for the ideas!

bioelectrical might be a bit cumbersome. you'll have to bring an electric eel, plus saltwater and eel food.

the coil for the satelite is easy enough. getting it in orbit at 30,000 mph is costly, and will probably only power a digital watch.

but seriously, for backpacking, i would think of flexible solar panel. thin, lightweight, a good portable option.

handcrank isnt too bad for moderate power needs. ive a radio flashlight with usb outlet. it can charge from solar, handcrank, or a power adapter.

Hahaha, I thought you were serious aboi the bioelectric and n-s orbit thing. The piezo is a great idea though, and I'm pretty sure I'm going to include a hand crank. And I hadn't considered a flexible solar panel, but I think I'll look into that.