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electrified door knob Answered

i would like to know how to make a door knob give some one a shock when they touch it?


What method did you find? I want to do the same thing over spring break when my team and I go camping in some cabins, and I was going to use a van de graff generator to simulate a static shock.

btw, most doorknobs are grounded, so you'll have to solve that problem first

Yeah I 'm a bit confused as to how the doorknobs are insulated.I would understand if it were a metal door/door frame, but if it'sall wooden I don't see how it could be grounded already.

whenever a door is close, the handle is touching the metal part thatlocks with the door frame.  A lot of the times that piece of metalin the doorframe is grounded.

it's not that the door is grounded, they are not. The issue is that you cannot simply run a wire to the knob, you have to make a circuit connect when they touch the handle, easiest way is to run one wire through the knob, tape it to the handle and let it lie loose away from the knob, and have the second wire attached to the knob, so that when your victim touches the knob(and the loose wire) they make the circuit, giving them the business end of about 120 watts. As a carpenter who works side by side with a couple of electricians, I have never heard of a grounded door, and don't know where that idea came from! But be careful, I have not yet tested this prank out on my buddies, but have seen an www.ebaumsworld.com video that shows some guy getting a serious looking jolt!

Don't know how... they're insulated by wood in every direction.


9 years ago

Where did you get your answer? I want to know how to do it also. Thanks! :)

Sure. But do you want it really shocking, or a little jolt?