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electronics classes Answered

OK so I made some throwies, had a lot of fun with them and now want to learn more. (My 89 yold mother put some on her cane! It is almost a Rosarch test to see what people think of to do with them.) I am very intrigued with all of the things that you can do with led's. HOWEVER, I really don't know anything about electronics. Where should I look, what should I do to learn some basics? I have forgotten everything I (n)ever knew about electricity. I would like to be able to read and understand a simple circuit diagram. I would like to be able to figure out simple circuits and projects on my own. Any suggestions? GLO

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Goodhart (author)2008-11-24

It is good to learn to read schematics:

So courses like the following links are helpful:

Basic Electronics

and, if course, theory is helpful too.

Another good site...

And BellSouth's test study guide can also be helpful.

there are lots of sites, but I will list only one more: a choice of basic OR intermediate study at basic electronics.

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gloflyer (author)Goodhart2008-11-24
Goodhart (author)gloflyer2008-11-25

You're welcome. If those don't suite, there are a lot more out there :-)

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