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eletronic stimulation device Answered

hello fellow builders,

I am having some trouble, for a rather important school project i need to perform some test and for one of the set of tests i need a device to deliver electric impulses on a person on regular basis. so i immediatly thought of medical devices like a TENS or EMS (if i remember correctly) unit. no the big problem is they are almost unobtainable in working conditions or they cost a fortune in shipping and stuff.

is it possible to make a unit like this on my own ? 


Hi all. Sorry not sure if I have come to the correct place. First time on the site. I am having a bit of trouble with a small project for my son. Need info on how to make a electromagnet with an led inline to show when the magnet is on. Could someone help or point me in the rite direction please

An electromagnet is easy - just a coil of wire with a current running through it. Wrap it round an iron core (nail) to make it stronger.

Regarding the LED, it depends what you are doing - will it just be switching on and off, and what size power supply / battery are you going to use?

how do you define "expensive"? this one on amazon is $35. http://www.amazon.com/Prospera-Corporation-PL009-Electronic-Massager/dp/B000XHNBLU/ref=sr_1_7?ie=UTF8&qid=1366828711&sr=8-7&keywords=tens+unit

hmm i was already expecting that. i just kinda hoped it would be possible. and that it was mostly the whole bunch of safety and testing that goes in medical equipment gave them that price.

i suppose i'll just have to look harder for a unit which is affordable enough to use in this project.

Do you need to actually own the unit permanently? Or are you planning on opening it up and altering it? If not, you might consider contacting a local physical therapy or rehabilitation office, and find out either if they would consider loaning one to you (or to your school's health office, on your behalf), or find out where they get their units.

I just typed "TENS rental" into Google, and got all sorts of good hits. Try that yourself and see what you learn.

well i kinda looked in to renting it already. and where i'm from i somehow can't seem to find anyone who is offering that kind of service and our schools don;t really have health office's.

and no i'm not planning on altering it or opening it.

guess i'll just have to look a bit harder.

Look for "physical therapy", "skilled nursing facility", "occupational therapy", "physical rehabilitation". If you just look up "rehab" you're going to get drug and alcohol facilities, which aren't going to help you find a TENS supplier.

I also noticed, from Google, that TENS units are now being used for non-pharmaceutical pain management during labor and delivery. You might also look for doulas or midwives in your local area, and see if they can point you toward a source.

The biggest part of being successful with searches like this is (a) knowing what keywords to use, and (b) looking at the results of your searches to identify new or different keywords to use or to exclude. You can build that success with practice and with effort :-/ Good luck!

As well as TENS, look at electro-acupuncture.

TENS, like all medical devices, are quite expensive. A major reason for this is they have to be extensively tested and include pretty stringent safety features to avoid killing people.

Delivering electrical shocks (which is what an "impulse" is) is inherently dangerous. Too much current can cause burns or internal nerve damage. Too much voltage can disrupt nerve conduction, causing muscle spasms, interruption of breathing, or at worst stopping the heart.

If you are not already extremely familiar with electrical devices and specifically with the effects of electricity on the human body, then you really should not be trying to build what is essentially a "low power taser."