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(closed) One year of Pro for quick connect, for MaKey MaKey Answered

MaKey MaKey is an electronic inventor's kit (simple closed connections via USB + music program + fruit = banana piano).

More here:


One problem I've been running into is that it is an additional challenge to rotate quickly between more than one project per MaKey MaKey. The MaKey MaKey has 12 signal pins (female) on the back, pins for ground and 5v outputs, and six pair of alligator clip holes on the board.

I've got some ideas on how to make quick connects so that I can freely travel between projects using just a system of male/female connections, where the MaKey MaKey has one type and my projects have the other. Included are some images to get ideas sparking around.

If you can post a project detailing one method of a unique quick connect system for MaKey MaKey before the end of February, you're entered. I'll hand out one year of Pro for first place and one 3 month of Pro for second place. I'll choose the winners, but will pay attention to any community feedback. Points don't matter, so points arbitrarily awarded for thriftiness and resourcefulness, creative flair, quality of documentation, and use of MaKey MaKey header pins and other connections.
  • 1st place: 1 year of Pro
  • 2nd place: 3 months of Pro

Bonus points for tutorials with resource files and specs that are easily interchangeable between tools, materials, and methods of tech/crafting. Useful formats can include SVG, STL, and others.

Here's a couple of projects we got featured that could have really used a quick connect system going on using our laser cutter:

Hydrophobic Drum Pad (homepaged, generated 1st place prize for this contest)
Music Box (featured, generated 2nd place prize for this contest)


Standard computer monitor VGA connectors DE-15 have 15 pins/lines to use and there are board mounted sockets for the cable plugs. I have found using the black header/female header combo that it will work loose unless taped together and soldering wires to the pins is a task because you can melt the pin out of position, wire spacing is tight and ruin the rest of the header. Good luck as always.

Thanks! If you make an Instructable that shows how to do your method, link to it here and you'll be entered for one of the Pro prizes :D

I think I've racked up enough pro memberships already to make it into retirement. There's gotta be someone around here that would custom 3D print a connector pair or make a shield for the MaKey MaKey. Contact the people who make the MaKey MaKey and see what they might have in store.

Haha, an abundance of Pro is a good problem to have. Thanks for all your help. I'm stoked about whatever they do at Joylabz and MaKey MaKey in the future. I think there are some ideas floating around out here for DIY projects. We'll see! I might post a couple to get us started. I'll go looking for any that already have cool connection systems and might auto enter them. If you spot any in the wild let me know and I'll enter them in this contest