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even more k'nex guns? Answered

I know that there are alot of knex guns out there. like millions. but most of them are just modifications of killerk's guns. i noticed that i dont see very much rifles out there so i went to build a knex rifle.
when i finished, i built a rifle that looks like a Mauser Karabiner 98k (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Karabiner_98k) it is scale size (it could be a little bit smaller because i have short fingers). it shoots far, i dont know how far exactly because i lost my bullet somewhere across the road behind someones house. its single shot (as in it has a magazine but you have to pull the firing pins back, like real Mauser Karabiners.) and it has a strong stock, dose not use strange pieces like motors or wheels. and it has this true trigger that i think i invented.

I will post the instructable when my camera gets fixed in a few days

1. can someone tell me if i invented this trigger for knex guns?
2. Knex Rifles in general


check out mine, link:https://www.instructables.com/id/Knex-gun-108/

it's a real trigger and magazine
the instructions are coming out

dude most knex guns are modification based arounf killerks and there only about 250 knex guns on this site.btw that mechanism looks kl.

ONLY?! then how many instructables on the same general thing is a lot?

Also, I searched knex gun and there is 20 pages, with 15 on each page, so there must be at least...

no, you did not invent that trigger. And most are mods of killerks gun because that is basically the only way to do it, you have a barrel and a pin. Some aren't mods, like faust's gun, but most are.


10 years ago

No. No. No. Look at the video on youtube called Knex Gun-9mm That mechanism you got there is the EXACT same as tomboyrme's pistol.