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exact materials needed for a servo motor build Answered

ok hello everyone im back again ive got everything built but my servo motors i need to make atleast 126 of these ive got the gears of all different sizes i just want to build my on motors so if you could just give me  materials list of what i need to the very smallest of materials id be greatfulll and i will make a instructablle on how to build what im building. thank you very much  oh by the way it has to be materials for a very high torque motor with very high revolutions


Power rating ? Maximum slew speed ? maximum permissible overshoot ? Pointing accuracy ? Available power rails ? Travel range ? Servo Bandwidth ?


5 years ago

i have one of those friends that will teach me but wont tell me the materials so alls i need is just a simple list not a lecture or anything (being nice). as well ive contacted atleast 10 companies that dont have any motors i need. trust me i wuldnt be asking if i had someone to do it for me or buy it from them. thank you :)

You've got a lot of motors to build. Designing a precision servo motor can take some precision machinery. Winding all that magnet wire to spec and even sourcing the right core might be difficult. I'm guessing you have a machine shop to tool everything for the geartrain and knowledgeable enough to fabricate the controller circuit for a servo. Have you priced a commercially available servo that fits your needs? High torque with high rpm really doesn't accurately describe what you need. Maybe a solenoid or actuator might be better? I don't know what your secret project or use is to help you.

well those motors are for a humanoid type armor being used to heighten the lifting compacity and speed of the wearer. so the motors have to be able to lift a exceptional amount of weight and very quickly. so is that what you need for accuracy or do you need more. also i definatly have figured out how to make it for a very low price and it actually works. labor is just took awhile ive been working on it since i was 13 upgrading it each time i found something better and less expensive.

Well, everyone knows to use hydraulics in exoskeletons.

well i have tryed that hydrolics.....well they can tend to lock up because of particles getting stuck or ive even had one or two get punctured. so they arent very good for that

Servos are not high torque and not very good resolution. If you want high torque and great resolution then you need to buy (not build) some stepper motors. Either way it would be cheaper to by your own motors then it would be to source materials and build them yourself.

BTW if you don't know what materials are needed to build a motor then how are you going to build it. It's one of those things that if you know how to make it then you should already have a good idea of what materials are needed.