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fakes and haters are driveing me CRAZY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Answered

Well, now i have 2 people that are faking things related to me and one person who hates me.

this acount) is claming to be my girlfriend. (i am single)

rater created this group of people that hate me.(i think i remember something like that happening before...)(it's funny how his name rimes with "hater")

and this person is trying to be me by taking the name i used to have.

i think this is really a problem now, as i have 3 different people pretending to be me.


yeah, LOL, an account named I_am_American LOL! Or I_am_british

Yeah, now there is a guy called I_am_American and a guy called I_am_British.


lol. O i could do that, just 5 block trigger pistols is all it takes...

You know, usually, when I say this, it's just a joke, but for the first time, I'm being serious. Sucks to be you. Sorry dude.

no... it's just kinda silly how that fake worked. It took me quite a while to figure out that L.

Any idea why?

ok, first of all your not my mom, i know that because i don't have a computer upstairs to read this up there. i would be down stairs when i read this. second i don't drink tea. nor do i own any tea. i know my mom can spell tonight correctly and no one would go to bed at a "quaterpast seven"(you spelled that wrong too) you also put ben instead of bed in the comment. there is no way you are my mom, my mom would have been DSman's mom not DSmans-mum.

thanks, and three more things that shows that this is not my mom is that the comment said i would be able to stay up 15 minutes(he spelled that wrong too) later and he made that comment at 6:00 AM my time. i am not a "little boy" anymore nor does my mom call me that. does tea really take 15 minutes to make anyway?

you tea will be ready
This is British English for "your dinner will be ready", not tea the drink. That is more commonly referred to as "a brew", "a cuppa" or "liquid gold" (OK the last one is just me).

Again, British English spelling of "mum" rather than "mom"

8:16 AM
If Instructables is on GMT-8 and the UK is currently on BST (ie GMT+1), this would be at 5:16 PM in the UK- time for "tea".

My cunning detective work shows your impersonator to be UK resident.

we don't call it tea in proper england. I like the way you refer to that as the British spelling of this rather than this, implying that americans thought up the word first, basically. Even though English people founded modern America/the USA. :D

proper england
By which you mean "the south"? :P

Yes, I know, we had the language first and all that, but post-colonial quibbles aside I have seen enough Godwin's-Law arguments about the phrase "Standard English" online to give up and start saying "British English" and "American English", it's less ambiguous and annoys fewer people.

I don't like it when it says 'British English' because it makes me feel that my language is a spin off of another when it isn't, yours' is.

when it isn't, yours' is.

Did you miss the whole "I'm english too" bit? Or am I misinterpreting you?

I don't really care about which variant is used in a particular context. Neither party has a claim to the One True Way- we were here first, but United-Statesians outnumber Brits 5 to 1. I try to restrict "correctness" quibbles to nonsense ("misunderestimate", "I could care less" >_<) or things that are blatantly wrong in any dialect ("viola" or "wallah", now those really grate).

I think it was finding out how many words we take for granted (like "escalate") actually originate in product names or other artificial contexts. Saying "language is constantly evolving" is used too much as a get out clause for being lazy and not bothering to write correctly, but I've stopped caring if people want to say "synthesize" and "mom" or "synthesise" and "mum".

As for the names, I'm not even sure if Standard English is the same as British English, one might be what they use on the news and the other one what people in the street use, and insisting on either A.E. or B.E. to be the de facto one used without a prefix is just going to start more flamewars.


I didn't notice sorry, I don't take time to read it all

Yeah, the British people uses weird words...

Sorry, I mean the expressions used in England, I tend to take things too literally and get confused. But I am getting used to it.

I thought the time zone would be GMT+0 seeing as Greenwich is in Britain

In summer the UK's time is actually GMT+1: GMT stays constant throughout the year but UK time is shifted forwards an hour in summer to move the daylight later in the day. Right now we are on GMT but when the clocks change, GMT stays the same and our clock time moves. 12:00 GMT (middle of the solar day) is actually "1pm" in UK summer time, etc.