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favorite jutsu and or wepon Answered

whats your favorite jutsu and or wepon


My Favorite Weapon is a Kunai or Zabuza's Sword, My Favorite Jutsu's are, Chidori, Rasengan, and Unari a jutsu i made up. Unari is a ball of water surrounded by a ball of wind surrounded by chakra like rasengan and it makes a howling sound and thats why its called unari cuz Unari is Howl in japenese and its hand signs are Dragon, Horse, Boar, Tiger, Dog, Monkey

my favorite weapon is the windmill shuriken and also kunai

fire style fire ball jusu

my favorot is sage mode narutos futon rasen shuricken

I like Botanas I hav 1  Favorite jutsu:Fire ball jutsu.

flamethrower ,mounted to a remot control car

I see jutsu with handsigns slightly pointless in battle, as you waste time, but those ones tend to be the... awesomest. yeah. I like the Rasengan (I'm not that far, only on shippuuden 12) and chidori. All of Gaara's, obviously, and sharingan- uchiha stuff. Also the fireball jutsu, which has an instructable i have just finished.https://www.instructables.com/id/Fire-Style-Fireball-Jutsu-Katon-Goukakyuu-no-/
i also find shouting out jutsu stupid. Weapons - The Thunderfang(s) and the shinobi swords or watever ther called and shuriken.

NEW jutsu: shadow crushing palm shadow sewing shadow posession jutsu rasengan WEAPONS kunai katana shuriken PAPER BOMB (meh likes teh explosives) oh and Asuma's chakra blades.

M-249 SAW and/or Kalashnikov

favorite jutsu-karate weapon- AK-47

my favorite is narutos sexy jutsu... weapon=kunai

hehe this was in march. now my favorite jutsu is rasengan and summoning. weapons are shurikan and zabuzas sword.... question... does mangekyou sharingan count as a weapon??? if it does, then that places itself up in first :P

Jutsu: Dance of the clemantis Weapon: Kurisarigama, ANBU Katana, Wight Light Chakra Sabre, Chokuto Kusanagi

Less favorite Jutsu: Nidan jyuin ( CS2) Kidomaro's bow and arrow ( WT* is that?! If he wants a darn bow so much, buy one at a local weapon store, and DON'T waste your chakra on it ) Less favorite weapon: Senbon


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my jutsu has to be rasengahn

wow, you guys are like borthers (naruto777 and mysterious ninja of fire) Even the pics look alike!

no but my bro is hobo joe_ thats his username

the Fourth's Flying Thunder God is my fave jutsu. He can teleport anywhere at lightspeed

Fsve weapon is the hurricane shuriken thing. The one that looks like a star or like a hurricane.

that would be the fuma shurikan i think. are you talking about the thing in my stick animation that i used to cut the strings on the paratroopers parashute? if you are its called a fuma shuriken

I liek the jutsu that the kiba and akamaru do yeah im a dog person and naruto 77 your image is actually my background lol :P ?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!


dude, naruto's rasen-shuriken, and gamabunta's yakuza sword. and you started a club?

yes i did start this club and if you dont like too bad

i like all of narutos jutsu and i also like shadow posseion. i also like the fuma surican, kunai w/ explosive tag, and small surican