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favorite naruto character Answered

Who is your favorite naruto character?


My favourite character is which ever character is on the screen kicking butt as I watch. Good, Evil, Nondescript, I care not. Is that wrong?

um... Naruto is actually my favorite(idk, its just whenevery hes in some sort of action naruto is the most like epic/emotional/musicbuild-up its just effin epic hes just flippin awesome

My favorite characters are Gaara, Itachi, and Jiraiya. they pwn.

Gaara is so friggin COOL! Totally my fave. but... Neji is on the same level. I thrive on GaaNeji.

Shikamaru and Chouji!


 jiraya, kakashi, shikamaru and iruka :)

Well,my favourite character is Pein,THAT GUY RULES.

1. Gaara 2. Sasuke 3. Kakashi the three TOTAL UBER SUPERFLYINGTACKLEPOUNCE PWNERS!!!!!!!

mine r kimimaro,Kiba,Sasuke,Kakashi even know he hasnt been shown 4 a while,and Itachi

yondaime isnt dead naruto even passed him when he had to go 2 the bathrooom spoilers: tobi from the askastki is madra uhica jiriya died while fightin pain(akatski leader) sasuke killed itatci but itatci wasnt evil he killed everybody to save sasuke sasuke dies after he finds this out naruto marries hinata after a couple of yrs

hehe i also like hidan. i love how he always whines and complaines :P

Konan and Kushina. God, you should have seen their hentai pictures, so HAWT!

I don' t really have a favorite but if I had to pick it would be one of Rock Lee, Hinata, Gaara, or Kimimaru (he is the bone guy of the sound five right? ;-)