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favorite song(s) Answered

whats your favorite songs by the Beatles.mine are come together and birthday.


"Let It Be" cutest album

something, Eleanor Rigby or come together :)

My favorite song is When I look at you from The movie The Last Song.

I like three Beatles songs, Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band, A Hard Day's Night, and Maxwell's Silver Hammer.

Any song by Korn but in perticular: Coming undone, right now or alone I break.

My favorite songs is show me the meaning of being lonely!

By Beatles I do not know...

But this is my favorite song

You know, you should have said "favorite beatles song(s)" or people wouldn't have known what your talking about just by the title, but I love Octopus's Garden, Here Comes the Sun, Yesterday, Blackbird, and Lady Madonna.

cool.i forgot to say i also like yellow submarine

Oh yeah! I forgot that one too!

and lucy in the sky with diamonds/A.K.A LSD

no i mean i like the the song "i am a walrus"