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featherboard? Answered

because I live in a garden home, my work area is very small, so I have a small cheap portable saw which does not have the normal size mitre gauge slot in the table, are feather boards also available for those types of slots ??? also have you ever heard of anyone ever grinding out those types of slots to make them like the more conventional type ????

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mikeasaurusBest Answer (author)2017-03-04

They sell featherboards to fit most size mitre tracks, but they also sell magnetic featherboards.

I'd avoid grinding out your mitre track, since it will never be as accurate again.

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ardnaz (author)mikeasaurus2017-03-05

I have the same sort of problem with my mitre but instead of trying to widen the grove in the table I think it is better to make the slide of the mitre smaller.


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