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flour shooting flower Answered

watching this again inspired me to try and make my own, but can't find too much online in the way of ideas how to do it. any of you have any ideas how I could construct one? in the video he mentions it being co2 powered and the base is a faux sunflower. I was thinking about trying to start with a base from a cheap 20$ paintball gun. does anyone have any tips/hints before I get started on this?

it was also suggested to buy one of these:

and put flour in that, reloading could get tedious though.


Thinking of doing the same thing this might help https://www.instructables.com/id/Easy-CO2-powered-Squib-for-Self-contained-Blood-an/step2/Start-the-Effect-Tube/ just got to figure out the flour part

Looks like a good start thanks for the tip, I'm in the same boat need to figure out the powder part. was thinking of trying out a few other powers see what works best as well, baby powder?

I think the hard part is coming up with a way of reloading the flour, the link above would work, but you would only get one shot and it would be pretty messy pushing flour down the tube.

Yeah I agree loading is the biggest issue. my friend and I were talking about trying a film canister or a pill bottle chamber, easier to load and lockable.

I think I figured out a basic plan, I'll try and get something it out and put up an instructable at some point.