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folding Answered

hey does any one have any tips for folding duct tape longways (hot dog) perfectly im trying to make shoe laces but i need to get it folded perfect (i know how to do it the other way just get like a pencil put it in the middle and have some one pull the pencil and take the two sides hold thought and slowly put together) ps i'll post an instructable on it when im done


. Is there anything that duct tape doesn't stick to? Teflon (PTFE)? If so, you could fold your tape with the PTFE in between, align the tape, and then slide the PTFE out.

Well, lay out your strip, and put the corners(the very tip of the corners) together. Then press the very edges of the tape together, so that the end has a teardrop shape. Then press it together from the taped edges in. Just make sure that you have all right angles, and it should be simple, after a couple of tries. BTW, I have tried Duct Tape laces before, and you might want to double down on your duct tape, so that they are extra thick, otherwise they will break in mid-step.

OOOOHHHH. My brain just vomited an idea. You could put wires throught the laces, and have LED's at the end, that way you would have LED Duct Tape Shoelaces.

that reminds me of those shoes that light up when you step. i used to love those when i was a kid and drove my parents crazy

thanks since you say to double up ill fold normal (hamburger) then cut into 4 strips and tape together ill post em up some time